The Role

We’re a Seattle-based AI startup, founded by two former Googlers, with $17M in venture funding. Our vision is simple: enable true face-to-face communication with AI, via real-time, multi-modal conversation that feels uniquely human, fluid, and natural.

Why do we feel so strongly about this vision? When given the choice, people almost always prefer high-throughput, high-context scenarios because that’s what feels the most natural and maximizes transfer of information and context.

We also believe LLMs are revolutionary, even with all of their current limitations. There are two key parts to this. The first is because their world-model feels incredibly comprehensive. This means they can act as tutors, recipe makers, coding assistants, companions, therapists, and just about anything else you can imagine. The second is that they’re great at conversation. This means that with very little direction, a LLM can carry on an extended, meaningful conversation on pretty much any topic with practically anyone.

The biggest limitation of these models, however, is that they’re still fundamentally stuck behind a command-line modality. Incredible, world-altering AI models, confined to a text box.

This is the problem we’re going after. By humanizing AI with a voice and a face, and the ability to truly listen and see, we’re allowing users to connect more deeply with AI and putting ourselves in a position to take advantage of the full opportunity that LLMs offer.

What you’ll do

Things we’re looking for